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There used to be more of us!

70 odd years ago there were more pubs in the village.

  • The Bell (1729-2017)

The building itself gained a Grade II listing in 1968.

The pub was once buzzing with workers doing the Channel Tunnel line, but after that was completed the building was sold off at a vast profit. Although it was listed in 1968, it is believed to be coming down to make way for a new development several times over the years.

Many of the regulars had their own pint glasses behind the bar, inscribed, in gold with their names. The rep from the company that supplied the pub with glasses used to take orders for the personalised ones.


John Cutbush 1851-55+ (also wheelwright age 27 in 1851)

John Robert Butler 1871+ (also farmer age 50 in 1871)

John Butler 1881-82+ (also farmer age 28 in 1881)

Flint Stunden 1891+ (also farmer age 31 in 1891)

Edward Young 1901-03+ (age 45 in 1901)

William Fordred 1911+ (age 43 in 1911)

Alfred Thomas Pluck 1913+

Charley & Betty Ledger late 1960s

Latest information from Ray Newman says that it is safe for the time being has been a residential property since 2017 (

  • Bankhouse

Closed in 1990s and is now residential. The building gained a Grade 2 listing on the 14 December 1984 and is now just known as Bank House.

  • The Blacksmith Arms

  • The Roebuck (1782-present)

A newspaper article from The Kentish Gazette on Saturday 10 August 1782, explains Mr James to buying a Black Mare Pony and to bring it to The Roebuck of Harrietsham. This is the earliest the house can be noted.

In 2019, it was reported that The Roebuck had just been taken over and that they hadn't had draught beer for about 6 weeks. Dominion Hospitality made Ms Rodgers the 3rd manager in a year before selling to other sellers. (


Charles Ambrose 1851+ (age 52 in 1851)

Charles Couchman 1861-71+ (also farmer age 50 in 1871)

Emily Bond 1891+ (age 53 in 1891)

John Wise Doswell 1901-03+ (also farmer age 36 in 1901)

Stan Bull to Apr/2019

Lesley Rogers Apr/2019+

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