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Harold Tupper

In 2015, the Harrietsham History Society War Committee published a book called 'The Lost Lives of Harrietsham'. In the opening pages it tells a letter written by a soldier called Harold Tupper to his parents, the licensee's of The Roebuck.

Later on in the book, it explains how Harold & his family moved to Harietsham in 1922 to run The Roebuck Public House in West Street. He attended Maidstone Grammar School from 1906 to 1910, and had many talents from Mathematics to Gymnastics. His name and others can be seen on a Memorial board at the school to this day. He then worked as an accountant until the outbreak of the war, where he was posted with the County of London Regiment.

After a gunshot wound to the head in 1916, he spent lots of time in and out of hospital and seemed to be doing favourably until he contracted Meningitis in 1916 and passed away.

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