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The Full Story


We are all about helping charity here at Percival's Rest. We support fundraisers and are open to hosting all types of events to raise money for causes.


Hospitality Action

Hospitality Action (HA) has been supporting the UK hospitality industry since 1837. Over the past 180 years, we’ve helped hundreds of thousands of hospitality people who’ve found themselves in difficulty or crisis.

HA began life as the London Coffee and Eating House Keepers’ Association. In the 1830s, an estimated 1900 coffee shops and stalls traded across the capital. To support the people working in them – and inspired by the licensed trade, which had already created its own benevolent association for publicans – a group of coffee house keepers met at Eastey’s Hotel, in London’s Covent Garden, and started their own. 


Throughout the year we help Neil Branchett host quiz nights and Bingo nights in aid of RBLI

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